Tell your story

Tell your story

About me

My name is Krystian Klottka and I welcome you in my world. In the world where stories are written by life, and capture by Canon, DJI and GoPro cameras

The movie you saw was a small part of what had happened to me in the last 5 years. During that time I collected many terabytes of videos and pictures from diffrent part of the world (mostly from Asia) and I have learned various techniques of shooting and editing videos and today I can do it for you. I Can tell your story by video.

I am also a founder of the project called: Amazing Asia, whose fundamental assumptions are: adventures and beautiful places. A large part of the material that I have created is there.

Why is it worth to work with me?


I have been photographing for 7 years and filming for 5. I understand the industry and provide the highest quality content.


I am a director, an operator, an editor and an actor.

Social media

I know how social media works in practice, I lead a popular fanpage and project Amazing Asia on youtube channel.

Yearbook 88

I belong to the so-called generation. The most influential group of consumers, which will shape the market over the next few years. I know the needs of the militia, I know what I like and what fascinates me.

Why video?

Video transmission is the most engaging and effective form of advertising

Social media displaces traditional television. Last year in the US, Internet advertising spending was higher than for TV ads. In Poland it will happen in the next few years.

Most companies and brands do not use video yet. By doing this today you gain the upper hand, tomorrow it will be the norm.


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